• DigiCollect Monitoring
    Smart Monitoring Platform

    The Monitoring platform augments your existing SCADA monitoring to another level of
    intelligent network and forecasting platform and also can be used as a separate module on it's own.

DigiCollect Monitoring

Monitoring is the next generation data acquisition and monitoring platform for Solar, Wind, BioMass and similar energy and infrastructure set ups. It is designed to acquire data from existing systems or sensors and generate forecasts intelligently based on the sensory data acquired.

The Energy Monitoring Application communicates with another DigiCollect product, the Smart Meter which adjoins or replaces the electricity meter supplied by the local utility and calculates energy data to provide the user with key information such as energy consumption and production in the case of rooftop solar or energy storage, all in one place. Measuring energy consumption is one of the keys to understanding how consumption can be minimized so one can better exploit potential savings opportunities.

DigiCollect Monitoring Dashboard