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Manage your banking and automate processes with DigiCollect’s banking software solutions. DigiCollect CBS™ is a cloud based micro services architecture core banking system for agile banks and MFI’s

DigiCollect CBS

Banks worldwide face an unprecedented set of challenges with increasing customer expectations, mounting pressures on cost, new regulatory & compliance requirements, unrelenting competition and a constantly evolving economic landscape.

Banks rely on Core Banking systems to innovate in the market-place as well as to standardize operations. However legacy Core Banking platforms are inflexible and expensive to maintain, posing unique challenges in terms of scalability, security and regulatory compliance. The risk of ageing manpower with legacy know how is another significant risk to banks.

Our Key focus areas are:

1 - Core Banking Software Solution / MFI’s 2 - Back-Office Automation 3 - Internet Banking Solutions 4 - Mobile Banking Solutions

DigiCollect CBS

Account Management

As bank administrators, set up different account types and account charges.
Manage all your system accounts and view all transactions.

Reporting and Analytics

Download and view Ledgers and Financial Reports on income, expenditure, loans, users to make accurate business decisions

User Control

Create users and brokers, and manage users.
Define rights and permissions for different user types at a group level or at an individual level.


Create and disburse loans to users. Set up payment requests and follow up with users for loan re-payments.
Flag and handle non-payment cases automatically.


Set up transaction limits, transaction fees
Support multiple currencies.

User interface

Perform all user banking operations on multiple platforms. View and manage your account with ease. Pay other users, pay bank or set up recurring payments for loan EMI repayments.
View and download your account statements.

SMS Banking

Register new users and retrieve account information on SMS.
Activate account and make payments.
Receive notifications on account activities.


Connect to other users using QR/barcodes to instantly pay others using your account as mobile wallet. Integrated notification system on web application, mobile applications and SMS to inform users of activities related to the account, or for mass mailers from the bank.

Back-Office Software Solutions

The integrity of your brand and the experience of your customers are largely determined by the quality and character of your front office contact center, but your back office operation often limits the speed, quality and hence perceived character of your front office.

Internet Banking Solution

Banks are facing an ongoing challenge of offering more freedom to customers to perform transactions and manage their finances when and where they want. DigiCollect’s Internet Banking Software will provide an interface that will engage your customer.

Mobile Banking Solutions

One Banking Solution for All Mobile Technologies (Android, iOS, Phones and Tablets)
The steady emergence of new mobile technologies keeps adding different challenges to your existing existing banking infrastructure. With an increasing amount of devices and operating systems, a non SOA model is becoming unsustainable and is creating complexity for banks.

Service Oriented Architecture

SOA allows non-technical personnel from the banking industry to pick and choose existing functionalities in order to build new products and services. SOA is critical to achieve an efficient architecture Adoption of SOA will result in increased bank product offerings and innovation, allowing banks to better respond to market demands and maintain a competitive edge over non-banks.

DigiCollect Banking Solutions

DigiCollect will fully meet security requirements for modern financial software systems. DigiCollect CBS is a fully extensible and customizable banking Engine.

  • High degree of flexibility to meet specific customer requirements

  • Extensive functional coverage, reliability and efficiency

  • In-built workflow module enabling quick time-to-market for new products / services

  • Extensive use of STP for business process automation

  • Open architecture

  • Powerful native reporting engine

  • A set of available gateways to payment service providers

  • Several delivery options (SaaS / PaaS, outsourced hosting, on-site implementation)

  • Flexible pricing policy

  • Low total cost of ownership

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