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    The Marketplace platform redefines the ways of
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Solar Projects

Complete life cycle services starting from selecting your land, feasibility studies, yield assessment, construction, post construction and preventive maintenance.

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Wind Projects

Complete life cycle services starting from visualizing your layouts, pre-feasibility and feasibility analysis, wind resource assessment and micrositing services.

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Tools & Analysis

Solar Yield Assessment, Feasibility Tools, Wind Resource Assessment for On-Shore and Off-Shore Wind and Preliminary Wind Power Density Assessments.

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Advanced topography services with sub-meter to sub-centimetre level of accuracy. Relief maps, slope aspect maps, volumetric analysis and more.

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Cloud Storage

Take advantage of the power of cloud storage with a fully integrated data room in the marketplace. Up to 1 TB of storage for projects with 5 users and a lot more. All your data in once place.

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Features a fully capable tendering platform to get your preferred price and lead times from bidders all over the world for your renewable energy and infrastructure projects.

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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies involving advanced scientific methods for Solar, Wind, Hydro and other Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Projects.

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Site Visualization

Visualize your projects and assets with our advanced SiteViz™ solution on 2D, 3D and bank on our world class tools to offer multi layer data visualization, all within the browser.

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Predictive Insights

We enable increased efficiency of your power plants by deeply integrating the SCADA data to the marketplace and offer predictive insights into future yield patterns.

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Take advantage of our OCR technology to manage your project expenses in one place. Scan, Send, Store. We will provide financial reports, balance sheets, P&L reports of your projects.

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Sales and Auctions

Sales and Auctions for machinery, land and infrastructure assets and non-performing assets. The marketplace provides rich e-commerce support for handling sales.

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Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys for all your advanced topography needs. We offer highly detailed 3d point clouds, Ortho-mosaics and DEM data sets with the best in class photogrammetry analysis using LIDAR.

Advanced Capabilities

The DigiCollect Marketplace was built to address the needs of the modern energy and infrastructure industry.

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Main Competencies

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Renewable energy projects consulting,
for solar and wind projects
and more to come soon.

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Roads to corridors and smart cities,
We offer the best in class Industrial Internet Solutions.

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Harness the power of cloud,
with a fully integrated storage,
transformation and processing engine.

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We are experts at building Intelligent Industrial Internet solutions to fully leverage the power of your data.