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    Our complete end to end solution for infrastructure visualization.
    Leverage the power of GIS, 3D, Mobile and Data under one platform.

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Geospatial Layers

Mark multiple AOIs (Areas of Interest) on individual layers. Visualize all your layers on a google base map or a more detailed drone imagery.

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Mobile Integration-2D,3D

Seamless integration of 2d photos and 3d photospheres from the mobile app to the cloud where you can visualize and manage them.

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DigiMaps™ Tools

Measure distance, calculate area and view elevation profile. Point, Line and Polygon support for Layers. Search and locate AOIs(Areas of Interest) using filters.

Digi Maps

Digi Maps is built keeping in mind the extensive visualization capabilities required for projects involving field based assets which are directly applicable to the construction , real estate , energy and infrastructure sectors.

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Amazing views from your browser

Directly visualized from your CAD drawings and rendered with true 3d running on your browser. We help you visualize extensive models from within our cloud based application.

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Unique administrative control

Take control of how your assets / projects are performing with best in class mix of visualization and data.

DigiCollect SiteViz

Stunning Visualizations

2d, 3d data with multiple Areas Of Interest(AOIs) and the ability to monitor and control them visually. We help you take control of your assets like never before..

  • DigiCollect SiteViz
  • DigiCollect SiteViz
  • DigiCollect SiteViz
  • DigiCollect SiteViz

And many other excellent features

Create and Visualize your Area of Interests (AOIs) using Points, Lines and Shapes on the map with Labels and automatic Legends and Search filters. Use DigiMaps projects on the marketplace for larger infrastructure projects. Enjoy seamless integration of field based photos and photospheres onto the platform and more..

DigiCollect SiteViz