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We use high resolution RGB CMOS cameras on the drone to offer you detailed aerial imagery and videos

Store, Share and View all your artefacts like Images, DEM Files, 3D point clouds and imagery on the DigiCollect cloud

Very accurate LIDAR based topography surveys, seamless integration with Digi Mapsā„¢ and B2B Marketplaceā„¢

DigiCollect Drone

We offer services for Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Infrastructure and Surveillance. We provide detailed aerial imagery and videos. Advanced LIDAR sensor based topography services with high positional accuracy. Thermal maps for solar plant preventive maintenance, Vegetation indexes and others.

Drone Capabilities

  • Advanced Photogrammetry: Orthomosaic imagery unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, can be used to measure true distances, because it is an accurate representation of the Earth's surface. GIS tools will be employed to adjust for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt
  • Multi Criteria Analysis
  • Sample Datasets:3D Please find the samples for DTM (Digital Terrain Model), DSM (Digital Surface Model) and Lidar
  • 3D Point Cloud: With the help of LIDAR based sensors, We offer geo-referenced 3D point clouds which can be used to view your terrain and urban environments in 3D. This helps to visualize your projects with accurate representation of the existing world in 3D with accuracy of x,y,z varying from 10-20cm per pixel.