• DigiCollect Storage
    The Big Storage Platform

    The Storage platform redefines the ways of storing data on the
    cloud and is geared for the Industrial Internet

DigiCollect Storage

Storage is the next generation data storage platform. It is designed to store large amounts of data on our cloud. You can bank on our platform to give you faster access to your data and at the same time provide industry level security. Enterprise class cloud storage solution from DigiCollect brings you the robustness of cloud storage which is highly scalable and built for sharing and collaboration in mind.

  • Scalability - A storage that caters from SMB to Enterprise class and is scalable from performance and capacity stand point. Our dynamic, on-demand, scalable, and a highly available IT enables organization to maximize their IT infrastructure utilization, reduce associated costs and increase efficiency

  • Security - Storing confidential data or information in the cloud is often more secure than storing it locally, as data is encrypted both during transmission ensuring no unauthorized users can access the files. From email servers and networks to websites and databases and our security prowess strategically evolves to counter and eliminate emerging threats

  • Sharing and Collaboration

  • API’s for easy integration services

  • Cap-ex Free - Small subscription fee per user for up to 1TB of storage

  • Accessibility - Cloud simplifies availability of information as long as employees have internet access, whether they are on a mobile browser or on work computer. People working from different locations, have unlimited access to the data

DigiCollect Box Dashboard

Integrated Sharing and Collaboration

We provide a one point access to your cloud storage by allowing you to share your data with different users.

DigiCollect Box Dashboard

And many other excellent features

OAuth Authentication, Encryption, HTTPS, Mobile and Cloud Application, API's and Deep Integration with your existing applications.

DigiCollect Box